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Flash Pro 8!!

2017-03-20 16:37:11 by CaliberProductions

​So like the other day I got Macromedia Flash Professional 8, and so that means that I can make animations.




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2017-03-20 17:05:17

And games

CaliberProductions responds:

ooooooohhhh............ I-I----I haven't tapped into that field yet, and I have heard that actionscript is pretty hard to learn. I have a history of animation and animation is very easy. I will probably tap into flash-game making very VERY soon.

Thanks for your reply! I am always happy to get a reply or review on my news posts or work!!!!


2017-03-21 10:11:17

Good luck if you make anything, has some good scripts

CaliberProductions responds:

Ok,thanks! Will definitely use that!